For the Cavaliers

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asked Nov 12 by boonejengo (160 points)

For the Cavaliers, perhaps the only good news for them now is to find the offensive feel and to make up for their defensive weakness through crazed attacks. Beijing November 8, Cavaliers beat the Bucks 124-119, stopped three-game losing streak at home, this is the Cavaliers in the opening encounter suffered a scourge Josh Archibald Jersey, scored 117 points (including 117 points) for three consecutive games. However, in this game, the Knights defensive rather bad, they let "brother" Adecco Kunpo scored 40 points, let the Bucks hit rate as high as 56.6%. Warriors in the third quarter of the outbreak, a single blasted 44 points, the net victory Minnesota 18 points. Soup God single section hit 13 points. In addition to three points Zach Trotman Jersey, Thompson also performed a dunk, you talk about you, like words? Warriors wave of this 5 game winning streak Christian Thomas Jersey, win at least 15 points each game. The offensive hundred points to get 117.1 points, the defensive 100 points lost 93 Tom Sestito Jersey.1 points. Hundred wins a clear opponent 24 points! Lakers lost to the Celtics, Lanzo - Boer 15 vote 4, 3-pointers 5 vote 1 to get 9 points and 5 rebounds 6 assists and 4 blocks, count this one, this season, the ball Brother shot 29.5% from the field and 34.1% from the field. Both numbers rank among the penultimate players in all 100 shots. At the same time, this season, Poll shot 34.4% in the restricted area shots, ranked the league last, he shot 25% from outside the area, ranked second from the bottom.

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