Monroe played in the Bucks only 16 minutes

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Monroe played in the Bucks only 16 minutes Alexander Wennberg Jersey, but there are 7 points and 5 boards, and this is his alchemy and Kidd system under the premise. Sun now belongs to all people have a chance, Monroe should have a space to prove themselves. According to his habit of playing ball holding the ball a low back and no ball into the attacking basket a high percentage, which is very suitable for the starting lineup in the sun to try the depths: Booker and Jackson are face basket master, have a stable position Behind the fight to contain points of great significance; and Monroe ball-free cut, cover and pick and roll sense of not bad. Compared to the current two center of the sun, Monroe's passing ability and awareness should be better, it touches on the main points will be to open the ideal offensive space to help. Bledsoe before the start of the season also told the sun general manager Macdonald Jordan Schroeder Jersey, he is willing to play with the young players in the new season to help the team to rebuild, but just three games in the season, the sun suffered three-game losing streak, Bledsoe actually made an overt announcement on Twitter that "he did not want to stay here." Although he explained that he was tweezing at the barbershop, he just did not want to stay in the barbershop. However, the sun did not listen to his explanation. Put it on the trading platform, and give Bledsoe an indefinite ban on punishment. In the matchup against Vilnius Ryan Murray Jersey, Zhou Qi scored 15 points in 31 minutes of play Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale, the most played game since the summer league. "Overall, I feel great." After the match, Zhou Qi and the team converge, and participated in the team training on Tuesday in the local time. "Before this game, I had not had enough playing time to develop the league games, and initially I felt like, 'I have to find my pace.' And by the second half of the game I felt better, I still have some mistakes, but overall, I think this is a great experience for me and I like to play league-building matches because here I can find the pace of the game.

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