Blood cloth love holding the ball attack

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Blood cloth love holding the ball attack, hit the ball attack every 36 minutes 10.1 times, the league point guard ranked No. 3; scoring rate 1.008 is not poor ranked sixth point guard, which may affect the status of the letter Columbia: Greeks per 36 minutes with a ball attack 4 Gabriel Carlsson Jersey.8 4.2 times the ball without the ball, the former league small forward striker 36, the latter ranked No. 6 - Blood Cloth he may have to play more no ball, plus everyone is chaos War master, Kidd whether to confirm his offensive system is still valid? After a long period of redevelopment Matt Calvert Jersey, the Bucks finally found a superstars Aitokumpu around the building team Pierre-Luc Dubois Jersey, but want to win Markus Hannikainen Jersey, is not simply to let the "letters brother" in the game each Kind of blasting data can get, but also need a strong helper group. In the Bucks deal, the introduction of Bledsoe better to the team's deficiencies in the back line to make up. Despite yesterday's Rockets decentralized, but Rockets coach D'Antoni position, most of the season, Zhou Qi and the team will be together. "Zhou Qi will be with us most of the time," said D'Antoni. "Sometimes we put him in play for a game or two, but we still want him to continue studying here, and we have no change in plans for him, and we do not change. Whether he played 30 games or two We will work hard to let him learn some experience, and continuous improvement, he will be excellent.

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