Can we use addresses in subnet ?

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asked May 11 by Michaelbh (160 points)
I spend quite a lot of time working with Netscaler. I do not have a networking background, and therefore I am in doubt regarding the answer to the following:

We typically configure DNS and LDAP services on the Netscaler using an LB vserver configured with an IP address from a prvate network subnet (must often not existing otherwhere in the customer environment. This require that we verify that the customer is not using said subnet, and sometimes we must shift to another network.

To be able to use same IP addresses for this functionallity on all installations, we consider using addresses on the subnet. The Netscaler by default creates a route for this subnet with GW pointing to the loopback address, so traffic for this subnet should stay within the Netscaler. Is all these 2^24 addresses acutally used for something (except, or are they just being wasted? Is there any reason that we should not use these addresses for LB servers only used internally on the Netscaler?

Thank in advance :)


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answered May 26 by jmelika (12,780 points)
Hi Michael,

You can't use that subnet.  The entire /8 is used [wasted actully] for the loopback IP.

I hope this helps.