Which model of Netscaler?

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asked Jul 8, 2016 by number1 (270 points)

I have two Netscaler model MPX9700 FIPS.  I was recently looking into upgrading the firmware and got confused at which model I have since this is showing under the Hardware-->Platform section: NSMPX-10500 8*CPU+ and more...  I was wondering if anyone had any idea why 10500, which is another model, is showing under what is suppose to be 9700.  Under System-->Licenses, the model ID is 9700 and my license files are also showing 9700.

So why would the hardware info show 10500?

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answered Jul 8, 2016 by jmelika (12,780 points)
Is this consistent on both devices?
commented Jul 9, 2016 by number1 (270 points)
Yes, it is the same on both Netscalers.  They are both standalone.
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answered Aug 30, 2016 by Paul B (10,980 points)
The MPX 9700 / 10500 / 12500 / 15500 FIPS models are version of the "normal" Netscaler MPX 10500 / 12500 / 15500. The bigger numbers are upgraded versions)

You'll notice that, for the "normal" Netscaler range, there is no 9700, so the platform is known as the "MPX 10500". They added the MPX 9700 FIPS model to give a smaller FIPS unit - in a "normal" Netscaler you would you buy an MPX8005.

If you bought a "normal" MPX1550, then I suspect the hardware would also be identified as "MPX 10500"

is a FIPs version
commented Aug 30, 2016 by number1 (270 points)
Ok, this makes sense to me...  Thanks for the answer!