Pointing same Public url to both xenapp 4.5 and xenapp 6.5 farms via netscaler

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asked Dec 13, 2012 by balaji1984_ece (520 points)
Hi All,

I am still newbee , I need a clarification

We are using web url (external IP) configured and routed via netscaler/AGEE VPX  as per the normal process.
We have configured 2 VIPs and configured in service groups with Web Interface IPs  and are  load balanced by having one up and other redirect IP as down.

we configured WI for Xenapp 4.5 server farm and accessing it via netscaler using the public URL(external IP).

Now we have been building up Xenapp 6.5 setup and have new WI servers .

My Question here is , whether we can use the same public URL (external Ip) to both xenapp 4.5 farm and xenapp 6.5 farm to access via netscaler .

What method , we need to accomplish to have this to configure .

If we create addtional VIPs and configure service groups for xenpp 6.5 WI servers and points to the same IP, will it work ?

Kindly response for this.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 16, 2016 by SuperZ82 (640 points)
The way I would do this is to have WI / SF control the published application and then point the access to both XA4.5 and XA6.5 farms.